Radel Milan+, Digital Tabla + Tanpura

Radel Milan+, Digital Tabla + Tanpura


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The Radel Milan+ is the first of its kind unique 2-in-1 Digital Tabla-Tanpura with 60 thekas.

The new Milan+ is a sophisticated digital musical instrument for providing sur(pitch) and laya(rhythm) accompaniment to performers of Indian music. It incorporates state of the art technology to produce natural and realistic Tanpura and Tabla sound, encompassing 60 thekas in various taals, in one compact product (Size: 230mm x 135mm x 190mm; Weight: approx 1 kg).

The Special Features of the Milan+ are:
  Generation of amazing realistic Tanpura sound
  Generation of stunning realistic Tabla sound
  60 thekas
  Can play both tabla and tanpura together or each separately
  Adjust individual volume of tanpura and tabla to suit user taste
  Teep tabla feature provided (toggle tabla pitch to higher octave)
  Digital LCD display
  The user can store 10 settings of Tanpura and Tabla together manually, apart from the auto-save feature

Plus all standard Radel features:
  Use seamlessly on any voltage from 90 – 260V AC or a set of 6 1.5V AA batteries (auto-switchover to batteries)
  Autosave current user settings
  3 year warranty
  Renowned Radel after-sales service


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