Electronic Digital Lehra (Nagma) – Radel Sunadamala – ZX – Easy Harmonium Type Interface


Electronic Digital Lehra (Nagma) – Radel Sunadamala – ZX – Easy Harmonium Type Interface

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Radel Sunandamala-Zx Digital Lehra (Nagma) uses latest state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to produce a realistic sound of the lehra as played on a harmonium. The new Sunadamala Zx is a very advanced electronic lehra instrument catering to the needs of classical tabla artists and kathak dancers, enabling them to practise without the assistance of another person to provide the lehra. The instrument produces different Taals and Raags which can be selected by the user through a convenient interface. Sound quality is amazing with easy to control/use push button.

200 tunes in 20 talas plus 4 tunes of 100 matras each, that can be composed and stored in memory 

Easy harmonium-type interface for composing tunes 

8 voice choices, including realistic true Harmonium tones of single-, double- and triple-reed harmonium 

LCD display to indicate the tune, raga and tala selected, as also the pitch, tempo and matra display 
Metronome facility with multiple laya choice: Dugun, Trigun, Chaugun and Khand 

Digital volume controls with independent volume controls for tune, drone and metronome 
More than 1 octave pitch selection 

Practise time indicator 

  ASDM – Autosave of current settings plus an extra set of settings can be saved in memory 

  Universal voltage (90 – 260V AC) plus battery operation (6 AA size cells) 

Line-out, Speaker-out and Sync-Out (to connect to Taalmala) are provided 

Size: 230 mm x 135 mm x 90 mm, Weight: 1 kg.

Made In India.


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